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Prepare for your upcoming CA or FPP exam with us

As a senior who has gone through first year recently, I would have loved to have quizzes, mock exams and a platform where I have access to all of my course content for my exams. Hence, I have gone ahead and done just that for my juniors! IMH is tailored directly for the new curriculum of medicine in IMU, it is one stop page to acing your upcoming exam wether it is a CA or your FPP!

What do we offer and why should you use us?

  • Mock exams for each CA (OBA & EMQ style) 
  • Mock exams for FPP (SEQ and OSPE style) 
  • Anatomy quizzes (for all first year anatomy)
  • Lecture notes + lecture quizzes 
  • SDL notes + SDL quizzes
  • Checklists for each course
  • Step by step guides of how to prepare for FPP and how much time is required 
  • Each of the courses also contain bonus content